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How to Keep Your New Years Fitness Resolution, FOR REAL!

Lets face it, getting fit is on everyone's "New Year's Resolution List". Every year, as the 31st of December comes we fill our minds with these unrealistic goals about fitness among other things. We assume that all of the bad habits and fat that took us 365 days to gain, will magically go away by January 7th of the following year, news flash it won't happen this way (but you already knew this because this must be your 3rd year in a row failing at this).

So why is it that your fitness resolution never works? I mean you aren't happy with how you look and feel so you're willing to work hard, and you are enthusiastic to kick some ass at the gym and eat all your veggies and skip the treats, right? All of this can be answered with one sentence: Your expectations are TOO high. Well I may be sounding like a pessimist and you may just want to exit the browser because everyone always says you should aim high right? Wrong (hopefully you didn't exit and are here to get the good stuff). Truth is when you set goals that are unrealistic you're heading into one direction; FAILURE.

As humans we seek instant gratification; we want results and we want them FAST. However lets face it, the bad habits that have accumulated in the last 365 days wont vanish magically once January 1st arrives. If it took you 7 months to gain 30 extra pounds you're dying to lose, it wont take 30 days to lose it. THINGS TAKE TIME, once you realize this meeting any goal will become a breeze.

So here are a few tips to get your resolution started, and to make it permanent.

1. Set a realistic goal. So what is a realistic goal?! It is plain and simple; a goal you can actually meet. Lets say you're a single parent who works full time, you more than likely have very little time to yourself. So if YOU KNOW you have little time, would setting a goal of working out 6 days a week for 2 hour sessions be realistic? NO. Something like working out 3-4 times a week for 1 hour and getting a workout at home is more reasonable for your busy schedule. Life happens, kids get sick, we get caught up in work, or sometimes you’re just not in the “mood” so when you set goals that are overwhelming and don’t fit in with “life” as you know it, you’re setting yourself up for (drumroll please) FAILURE.

2. Set a few goals at a time. If you overwhelm yourself with goals of all sorts, whether fitness related or not you’ll end up with “I have too much shit to do so I’ll sit here and do nothing” syndrome. Yes I said “I have too much shit to do so I’ll sit here and do nothing” syndrome. You know exactly what I mean because I know you’ve been there (unless you aren’t human). If you kickstart your new year with 3 main goals, this would be easier to maintain than having list of 15 goals you want to crush all at once. So make a list, think of what is important to YOU, not just physically, but mentally and spiritually. Then narrow it down, prioritize 3 top goals and stick to them. Take it one step at a time and don’t overthink it, before you know it you’ll meet these goals and form new habits! Once you have the 3 main goals you set down packed move onto the next goals on your list.

3. Don’t set goals alone. Well I know what you’re thinking ,“no one wants to be fit with me”, and let me tell you that you’re wrong. Someone like your neighbor, colleague, friend, husband/wife, cousin, grandma, cat lady across the hall, teacher and so on, has a fitness related goal in mind this new year. Talk to those around you, see if you’re hitting common ground and set a goal together. A goal as simple as drinking only water and cutting out soda/juice is something you can set together with someone else. Meeting a goal gets a lot easier when you have someone you know pushing you. Healthy competition never hurt anyone!

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